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Subject Line: How to Get Any Woman ‘In The Mood’
Wouldn’t it be great if you could make ANY woman Hot, Wet & Horny – in 30 seconds flat – using a SPRAY that takes just 3 seconds to apply?

Great News:

That spray exists.

Developed by my friend Troy Valance – Secret Seduction Spray is, without doubt, the quickest and easiest way for you to ‘Get Laid’ way more often.

Just apply a couple of sprays on both your wrists, a couple on your neck, and then interact with women as usual.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s your Wife of 5, 10, 15, 30 years, or more…

Or, some Chick you just met in a bar…

The result will be the same:

The woman will be Hot, Wet and Horny for you – BEGGING you to take her to the bedroom!

Click Here to Learn More (you’re gonna like this. A LOT)

Sign off,

Your Name

P.S. To discover a ridiculously EASY, and highly effective, way to ‘Get Laid’ way more often – starting as soon as tonight – click here now
Subject Line: Does It Really Work? (here’s proof)
Yesterday I told you about my friend Troy Valance’s Secret Seduction Spray.
And, since then, thousands of guys have grabbed a bottle – because Secret Seduction Spray is such an EASY way to INSTANTLY make yourself way more ATTRACTIVE to women…

And, ‘Get Laid’ like a Rock-Star. Every night of the week!

However, a fair number of guys have also emailed me to ask if Secret Seduction Spray really works…

To see if there’s any proof?

Truth is…

Troy has A TON of Success Story’s, from guys who’ve used Secret Seduction Spray to revolutionize the quality of their sex-lives. You’ll find ‘em on this page.

And, here’s one for you right now:

“6 months ago my wife and I were really having problems. The sexual connection had gone. The sex wasn’t happening at all. Honestly, we slept in the same room, yet we never got intimate. Now? Well, now we’re ‘at it’ like a pair of ‘young ‘uns’ - most nights of the week. It’s fantastic. And, as a result - our relationship is really doing well outside of the bedroom too.”
                                                      - Bob, aged 52, from California

And, Secret Seduction Spray isn’t just for guys in a relationship.

You see, it works amazingly well if you’re single too.

Check this out to see what I mean:

“Last night I went out and girls were practically fighting over me in the club. I felt so POWERFUL. And, I ended up taking home 2 red-hot girls. It was only in the morning they told me they were sisters! LOL. I won’t forget that night. Ever.”
                                            - J.P, aged 26, from United Kingdom


Unless you’re already ‘Getting Laid like a Rock-Star’ – 3 times a night, every day of the week – isn’t it about time you got yourself some Secret Seduction Spray?

Sign Off,

Your Name
Subject Line: How to: Improve Your Confidence with Women (and ‘Get Laid’ More Often)
For most men, women are a MYSTERY.
Men want to ‘Get Laid’ – yet most guys are SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED. Enjoying way less S.E.X than they’d really like.

And, that’s generally true for SINGLE guys, and guys in a RELATIONSHIP. They all want more ‘Action’ in the bedroom – yet most of them don’t know how to get it.


The truth is that there’s a simple way to end your Sexual Frustration, become way more confident around women – and ‘Get Laid’ whenever you want.

Comes in a bottle, smells great, and looks just like Cologne.

Yet, in reality – it’s NOT Cologne. It’s a Pheromone Spray.

Here’s how it works:

- You apply a few sprays on both your wrists.

- You apply a few sprays on your neck.

That’ll take you all of 3 seconds.


- You interact with women as usual

The result?

Because Secret Seduction Spray enhances the POWER of your body’s Natural Pheromones – women are way more attracted to you…

They’re getting WET and HORNY just speaking to you…

And, pretty soon – they’re all desperate and needy for you to take them to the bedroom…
And BANG their BRAINS out!

This is the EASIEST thing you can do to completely change your fortunes with women. To ‘Get Laid’ whenever you want.

And, it’ll cost you much less than the price of a fancy meal for 2 at a restaurant.

So, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the smart, logical thing to do – would be to Click Here and Get Yourself a Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray right now

Sign Off,
Your Name

Make Your Wife Horny for You Every Night
I don’t care whether you wanna BANG 3 hot chicks a night…
Go on loads of dates and find ‘the one’…

Or, simply get your long-term gf, fiancée or wife to be HORNY for you every night of the week –

Check out the following snippets of feedback, from real customers, and you’ll see what I mean:

“This product smells amazing and does exactly what it promises. It makes women want you.”

“Since using Secret Seduction Spray, my wife and I have ‘got it on’ every night for the past 3 weeks. 
She just can’t resist me!”

“Last weekend I did something I’d never done before – I slept with 3 hot chicks in the same day. How did I do it? Well, Secret Seduction Spray certainly helped!”

“While I agree that it sounds too good to be true, and I was massively sceptical – the truth is that I, like thousands of other guys, have found this product to do exactly what it promises… it’s made me way more attractive to women. And it’s revolutionized my sex-life.”

“10/10. If you’re a red-blooded male who wants women to LOVE you – you simply have to use it. Forget ‘chat up lines’ and ‘Pick-Up Routines’ because Secret Seduction spray makes ‘Getting Laid’ easier than anything else I’ve ever tried.”

See what I mean?

This thing works!

Sign off,

Your Name

Subject Line: Why Some Ugly Guys Get Laid so Easily
Nature blesses some guys with incredible good looks.
And, other guys with a HUGE you-know-what.

And, you might think that’s pretty unfair if you didn’t ‘win’ in those areas.

However, Nature has a much more NASTY side!

And, it explains why sometimes, even butt-ugly guys get laid so easily.

It’s all to do with Pheromones.

Basically – if you’ve been blessed with POWERFUL Pheromones… women will be magnetically attracted to you, regardless of your physical appearance!

I repeat:

If you’ve been blessed with POWERFUL Pheromones…

women will be magnetically attracted to you, regardless of your physical appearance!
All of this explains how sometimes out-of-shape, ugly dudes, end up going to bed with ridiculously HOT women.

====>> Very Good News:

You can improve the quality of your Pheromones. And, you can do it easily – today, in fact!

Do that, and you’ll enjoy more female attention than you could ever possibly have dreamed about.

Sign off,

Your Name

Subject Line: 3 Reasons to Get Secret Seduction Spray Now.
There are 3 good reasons why I highly recommend you invest in a bottle of Secret Seduction Spray right now, today.

Here they are:

#1: It’s The Easiest Way to ‘Get Laid’ More Often

You could spend months learning fancy ‘pick up’ techniques to meet women.

You could spend thousands of dollars on gifts, flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners – to try and get your woman ‘in the mood.’


You could just spray some Secret Seduction Spray on your wrists and neck – and then interact with women as usual.

The result?

They’ll be ALL OVER YOU. Desperate to go to bed with you. Because Secret Seduction Spray makes you irresistible to women (even if you’re not blessed in the ‘looks department,’ and even if age isn’t on your side).

Yup, it’s that easy.

#2. You Get 5 Awesome Bonuses worth nearly 160 Dollars

“YES,” really – when you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today, you’ll get 5 amazing bonuses worth 160 dollars…


Troy Valance – the creator of Secret Seduction Spray – is generously giving you these Bonuses because he wants you to enjoy MAXIMUM SUCCESS with women!

#3: You Get HALF OFF and Stock Could Run Out Any Minute

When you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today – you get it for at least a 50% Saving. HALF OFF the usual price.

Only Bad News is:

Stock is not going to last forever. And, prices will go UP in just a couple days time.
So, take advantage now, while you still can:

Sign off,

Your Name
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