“YES Troy! Send Me Some Secret Seduction Spray Right Now, Today… Because I Understand It’ll SUPERCHARGE My Pheromones, Helping Me to:
  • Confidently Approach Women (without Fear of Rejection)
  • Effortlessly Engage Women in Conversation (no more ‘awkward silences’) 
  • ​Make Beautiful Women Hot, WET and Horny (Desperate for ‘Action’)
The “Secret Weapon” Average Guys are Using to Attract and Bed RED-HOT Women...
"Without Doubt The Most Powerful Pheromone Spray on The Market.... 

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(*WARNING: So Effective and Powerful it’s Almost Immoral)
Dear friend,

It’s your Wingman Troy Valance here…

Dedicated to helping you enjoy A LOT more SUCCESS with women.

Today, I’m very happy to be able to offer you something that’ll INSTANTLY increase the amount of female attention you get, increase your Dating options, and greatly improve the quality of your Sex-Life…

The ‘thing’ I’m talking about is Secret Seduction Spray, and here’s just a taste of what you’ll experience when you use it…

  • The ability to Approach Women without  crippling “Approach Anxiety” (and without the constant ‘Fear of Rejection’ that STOPS most men dead-in-their-tracks... preventing them from interacting with women they find ATTRACTIVE)
  • Women will be more eager to talk to you, listen to you, and engage with you in Effortless Conversation… the kind that flows easily, without  you having to worry about ‘not knowing what to say’ (The Best Part? You’ll even find women approaching YOU to initiate conversations - you’ll no longer always have to be the one to ‘get things started’) 
  • You’ll have much greater CONFIDENCE - something women LOVE in a Man (helping you to enjoy more success with women in every way… when approaching, asking for phone numbers, setting up dates, going on dates, and, of course... in the bedroom)
  • Women TOUCHING you and ‘getting physical’ - without  you having to initiate it (no more wondering when to hold-her-hand, if she’s ready to be Kissed, or even if she’s wanting to go to BED with you… it’ll happen much more EASILY and NATURALLY when you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray)
  • No more ‘being Friend Zoned’ and calling PORN a “Sex-Life” - you’ll be enjoying the real thingWarm, Tight, Wet Pussy, whenever you want it (just promise me you’ll use The Spray with RESPECT for women... and don’t go bedding everything that’s Hot, Sexy and wearing a Skirt, okay?)
  • If you’re in a relationship, your woman’s Sex-Drive will EXPLODE, making her much HORNIER for you - meaning: you’ll ‘Get Laid’ way more often (even if  she’s been disinterested, and making annoying excuses for weeks, months or years)
If you’re wondering how the hell Secret Seduction Spray can take you from ‘Dud to Stud’ - even if  you’re way ‘past your prime’...
...even if  you’re ‘out of shape’...

...and even if  you haven’t been blessed with ‘good looks’ (or a big dick)...
Here’s The Proven Science…
Pheromones greatly affect ATTRACTION.
Quite simply:

The higher the QUALITY of your Pheromones - the more ATTRACTIVE you will be to women.

It’s that simple.

And, it explains why you sometimes see very average looking guys… who aren’t  Rich or Famous… dating very HOT women. It’s at least in part because these guys have a “Secret Weapon”...

High quality  Pheromones.
The Good News is...
You can SUPERCHARGE your Pheromones using Secret Seduction Spray…

Simply apply a few sprays on your wrists and neck, and that’s it. BOOM.
Now go interact with women as usual. Don’t change anything. Just be YOU.

The results will AMAZE you…

You’ll get to experience the type of SUCCESS with women that’s usually the privilege of…

Super Good-Looking Guys (with ridiculous chiselled jawlines)

The Filthy Rich…

Rock Stars, Celebrities, and, well...

You get the idea.

YOU’LL be “The Prize” for a change. Not the woman.

YOU’LL have women chasing YOU for once. Instead of you always feeling like a lap dog, craving for attention.

YOU’LL be the one with all the POWER!


If you’re sick of never Talking to, Dating, and Sleeping with the exact kind of HOT, BEAUTIFUL, SEXY Women you actually desire…

...that FRUSTRATION and MISERY ends today… as soon as you grab a bottle of Secret Seduction Spray and put it to use!

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...you’re NOT going to want to find that you’ve run out!

So, my advice? Stock up my friend. Take advantage of the Time-Sensitive prices below and STOCK UP!

In case you’re wondering why I’m offering such a MASSIVE discount on Secret Seduction Spray - the answer is simple…
I’m only offering this discount to the readers of my Email Newsletter, and to my existing Customers - as my way of saying “thanks” for allowing me to help you improve your Sex-Life. It’s truly an honour.

This exceptional offer is NOT available to the masses of men who purchase Secret Seduction Spray through my main website (they pay the full price - $197 per bottle. And, such is the effectiveness of the Spray, they’re still delighted, and they still keep coming back for more, at that price!).

Order Secret Seduction Spray Today and You Do So Risk-Free…
Because you’re covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I’m including this Guarantee so you can try the Spray for yourself, and see just how good it is (with total peace of mind).

If you’re like most men, you’ll LOVE the way Secret Seduction Spray makes the whole issue of ‘women, dating and sex’ so much easier…

Instead of it being a source of constant fear, frustration and disappointment - it’s going to become your #1 source of Pleasure.

Just remember to treat women with RESPECT. You don’t have to bed every HOT woman you talk to, even though  that’s what Secret Seduction Spray ultimately makes women want to do…

SLEEP with you.

Use it wisely!

And we’ll talk soon…

Your Wingman,
Troy Valance
Creator of Secret Seduction Spray

P.S. When you order today, I’m including a special bonus for you, worth $77.
It’s called “The SSS Attraction Guide” - and if you’ll read it before you use the Spray, you’ll enjoy MAXIMUM RESULTS…
Meaning: you’ll be as ATTRACTIVE as possible… and you’ll get as much p***y as a Man could ever desire.

And, the really Good News is - although this bonus is insanely powerful and valuable - it’ll only take you about 15 minutes to read!

Let me know about your results, and thank me, later ;)

P.P.S. Still wondering if Secret Seduction Spray works?
Check out this feedback from guys who’ve used it to enjoy so much pussy, they’re definitely going to HELL;)

Verdict: It works…
   “ Verdict: It works. I was naturally sceptical about purchasing it but 4 females that have usually ignored me in terms of distance changed their direction after applying this (I tried it in the morning and put a little on my face after a clean shave) and they actually became more physically closer to me after wearing this vs. not wearing it (several months). 2 of them actually mentioned that I smelled "sexy" - something that they never ever mentioned before this product. So, even though it may have been a confidence booster psychologically, for them to actually mention that this pheromone cologne makes me more "sexy" gives me the confidence to say "buy it and try it" without hesitation! ” 
Bob O’ Reily, 34, United Kingdom
I found myself being a lot more confident and flirting more with girls with ease
      “ As a notorious sceptic, I find myself writing this review as a converted man. Having used the sample size, I thought that nothing would happen and would just go about my everyday thinking the same about all these sorts of products - but I will say this: I was getting A LOT more attention than I am accustomed to. I found myself being a lot more confident and flirting more with girls with ease. I think that further testing to determine its true impact will be required, but one first use I will absolutely be ordering more. ” 
Wade Reynolds, 25, Washington
Guys if you are hesitant to buy this product don’t be because this stuff works!!!!...
    “ As someone who regularly buys pheromone based colognes I will say that Seduction Spray is one of the best in the market. I have tried so many but none of them give me the results I am looking for but when I started using this I really noticed a change. I go out quite a lot with my friends and always struggled to get talking to girls but after using this spray all that has changed. I was ordering a drink at the bar and got chatting to a group of girls and they couldn’t stop flirting with me, literally overtime I walked up to the bar a different group of girls would chat and flirt and I am not going to lie I loved the attention. Guys if you are hesitant to buy this product don’t be because this stuff works!!!! ” 
Eric Ho, 38, New Jersey
The Secret Seduction Spray has given me REMARKABLE results…
   “ Over the years I have bought many pheromone-based sprays with varied results. Noticed I said ‘varied’. The Secret Seduction Spray has given me REMARKABLE results (deliberate caps). When I wear the scent, women gravitate towards me. From bars to clubs and even at the butchers! I couldn’t care less about the science behind it - all I know it that women love the scent, and so do I! Thanks for the creation Troy. ” 
Joshua Augustin, 44, New York
I have bought 3 bottles, and ordered 3 more…
    “ If you are looking for a new scent that doesn’t break the bank but has an added boost that drives women wild then I recommend Seduction Spray. It smells phenomenal and the bottle design is slick to the max. I have bought 3 bottles, and ordered 3 more. Troy, please NEVER stop making this. ”

Coles McGill, 24, Arkansas
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent and the affect it has…
       “ Speaking as an older man I was seeing 2 girls at the same time when I bought this spray. Within a couple of days of wearing the scent, they both noticed something different in how I smelled and were perplexed as to what it was. I since broke up with one of them and my current girlfriend (who is 20 years my junior) loves it, she kisses my body all over and the sex we have is amazing so much so that she is starting to wear me out! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent and the affect it has on her it’s truly amazing. One of the best products on the market and undoubtedly worth the money! ” 
Sam Hayden, Kansas
Let me start by saying that this product is smells SUPER DUPER…!
     “ Let me start by saying that this product is smells SUPER DUPER! I am not saying that one spray will guaranteed to get you laid but one spray it all it take to get things going! I deliver pizza in my spare time and I get lots of compliments from female pizza lovers as I’m fishing around for change! Gonna try this out in a club this weekend and will keep you posted on the results! ” 
Garrett Thompson, 31, California
This YOUR Chance to psychologically hack into a woman’s brain and give you complete control over how much she desires you
Choose Your Package Below:
1 Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray
List Price: 197
You Save: $120 (61% OFF)
5 Bottles of Secret Seduction Spray
List Price: 985
You Save: $788 (80% OFF)
FREE US Shipping
3 Bottles of Secret Seduction Spray
List Price: 591
You Save: $444 (75% OFF)

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